Daniel Merac is an artist, photographer, and industrial designer from Cali – Colombia, whose art is closely connected to nature, environmental awareness, emotions, and symbolism. After having achieved his industrial design degree, he specialized in drawing bird species, wildlife, botany, and every other element from nature with his intricate and heartfelt fusion of fine art and illustration.

His versatile way of drawing has allowed him to work in different fields, from doing private submissions to creating art for creative and commercial purposes such as packaging, clothing, and album art.

He is known for bringing awareness about endangered bird species through his detailed traditional ink artworks. He is the co-founder of the brand Ayamormio which creates artistic products, along with design and creative work inspired by nature and love. In his free time, he loves to read novels and poetry, go into the woods to photograph birds, discover new music, and drink coffee.


Club Campestre Cali, January 2020.

Bored Panda, January 2019.

Artospective, January 2018.

Artist Connect, April 2018.



Alas Doradas – Club Campestre Cali, Colombia – Solo Exhibition, January 2020.

Alas Doradas – Ruby’s Bar – Cali, Colombia – March 2019.