Alas Doradas

Alas Doradas
Daniel Merac, 2018.

When I create I go on a journey in the woods. In the middle of the trees, just as in the blank paper, I find a place of endless calm and possibilities which I adore to contemplate.

I’m delighted by the process, by the long walks in the midst of flying creatures, intricate textures, colorful flowers, and heart-warming sounds. There’s no end point because there’s always more to explore, understand, compose, and depict. There’s wisdom in nature and art. Healing gifts for those who open their heart to them.

My art is a seed of self-reflection and love for life, which might or might not germinate in people’s hearts. As long as it’s out there being spread by birds, with a chance of it growing and flourishing in a human from some place of the world, I’m blissful and have enough reasons to pack some paper, refill my marker and continue with my journey across the wilderness.

Alas Doradas is one seed I want to share with you, with the intention of raising awareness about the endangered bird species from Colombia and to strengthen the connection between us and the wise wonderful nature from this beautiful country.

Alas Doradas Exhibition
Cali – Colombia, 2019.

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