Colombian Fauna

Colombian Fauna is a hand drawn ink series that portraits a toucan, a jaguar, and a spectacled bear. Three beautiful species from Colombia, also found across Latin America, who face different levels of threat according to their conservation status.

In each illustration the nature embrace the creatures an creates a place where they can find the calm they deserve. They all look contemplative of their surroundings and surprisingly quiet. However, they’re on high ground, feeling fearful and subtly endangered. Some more than the others.

The toucan is the one of least concern in terms of it’s conservation. The jaguar is currently near threatened, and the spectacled bear is a vulnerable species. This increeasing risk of extiction that threatens these and many other species around the world, was illustrated to raise awareness about their  life, the ecosystem we all share, and the significant amount of change we can make through apparently simple actions.

Rainbow-Billed Toucan
Panthera Onca
Spectacled Bear

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